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Goals of OCPA’s Mentor Program

OCPA’s Mentor Program’s goals are to promote professionalism and career development, instill high ethical behavior, and contribute to the success of new paralegals and paralegal students. OCPA’s experienced paralegals will share their knowledge with upcoming paralegals to help foster growth, professionalism and maintain the high standards of the profession. By pairing new and student paralegals with experienced OCPA paralegals, OCPA’s Mentor Program will offer numerous benefits.

Requirements for an OCPA Protégé

  • Member in good standing with OCPA
  • Paralegal student OR less than three (3) years paralegal experience
  • Complete required documents and be matched with a Mentor

Protégé Application Form – Request for Mentor 

Requirements for an OCPA Mentor

  • Member in good standing with OCPA
  • At least three (3) years paralegal experience
  • Willing to assist a paralegal student or new paralegal by answering questions relating to area(s) of law, or other general paralegal-related questions, including involvement in local, state and national paralegal associations
  • Agree to be accessible to protégé on an as-needed basis throughout the year. At a minimum, mentors should meet and/or communicate with their protégés on a monthly basis
  • Complete required documents and be matched with a Protégé

If you are interested in either being a Mentor or Protégé, please email the appropriate form above to our OCPA Mentor Chairperson, Carrera Mullinax at

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