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OCPA has volunteer opportunities that contribute to our success.  If you are a member of OCPA and want to become more involved as as a section chairperson, operations coordinator or another role, please email


Bankruptcy Section  OPEN
Bankruptcy Section OPEN 
In-House / Corporate Section Kristin Follis
In-House / Corporate Section Kai Williamson
Cannabis Law SectionDiona Fu
Cannabis Law SectionJune McLaughlin
Criminal Section  Jen Burton 
Criminal Section Joyce Uy
Employment / Labor Section  Natalie Athas
Employment / Labor Section  OPEN 
Estate Planning / Probate / Elder Law Section Teri Sarmiento 
Estate Planning / Probate / Elder Law Section Nicoletta Bozhilova
Ethics Section Victoria Hull
Ethics Section  OPEN 
Family Section  Geri Croissant
Family Section  OPEN 
Healthcare Section  OPEN 
Healthcare Section  OPEN 
Immigration Section OPEN
Immigration Section  OPEN 
Intellectual Property Section  Rachel Alm 
Intellectual Property Section  Stephanie Kann 
Litigation Section  Nichole Weber
Litigation Section  Priyanka Bitra
Real Estate Section  OPEN 
Real Estate Section  OPEN 
Technology Section  OPEN 
Technology Section  OPEN 
Educational Conference Chairperson Tammy Manning-Dickerson, MBA, CP
Educational Conference Co-Chairperson  Jen Burton
CP Review Course Chairperson Nicholas Guzowski 
CP Review Course Co-Chairperson Vicky La Celle, MBA, ACP 
General Meeting Hospitality Chairperson Jackie Powell
General Meeting Hospitality Co-Chairperson OPEN 


Student Paralegal Chairperson Kai Williamson, M. Ed.
Student Liaison, Cerritos College OPEN
Student Liaison, Coastline Community College OPEN
Student Liaison, Fullerton College OPEN 
Student Liaison, Irvine Valley College OPEN
Student Liaison, Santa Ana College OPEN
Student Liaison, UCI OPEN


Compendium Editor Kelley Jones-Horwood
Compendium Coordinator Lauren Diaz
Corporate & Advertising Coordinator EJ Jones 
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator Diona Fu
Job Bank Coordinator Kai Williamson, M. Ed.
MCLE Coordinator / Compliance Danielle Olson
Mentor Program Coordinator Carrera Mullinax, CP
Postal Coordinator & Website Specialist Kerry Schoonover 
Community Outreach (Legal and Charity) Kevin Franklin 
Community Outreach (Legal and Charity) Noah Motabar
Public Relations Manager Joi Millett, ACP, CAS 
Public Relations Coordinator Minh Pham
Salary Survey Manager Karen Dahl 
Salary Survey Assistant Margaret McFarlane
Scholarship Chairperson Allison Purcell
Social Media Coordinator (Facebook) Geri Croissant
Social Media Coordinator (Instagram) Allison Purcell
Student Scholarship Coordinator  OPEN
Vendor Mixer Coordinator OPEN 
VP Technology & Webmaster Vicky La Celle, MBA, ACP 
Technology Coordinator  Louis Martinez

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